Vitora, Brazil

Vitora, Brazil

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

18. Hours on the streets knocking doors

Dear Family,

So, here comes a photo of my Companion. His name is Elder F. Full- Brazilian from São Paulo. He only has 5 more weeks on the mission but I don't think the thought of home has crossed his mind. He has asked president to stay longer but president wont let him. I don't want to say that he is a bad guy but this transfer is going to be harder for me. Not even that there is a huge language barrier between us, it is just so hard to understand his personality and just make him happy. So, I wrote that I am not a greenie anymore. I still feel greenie but he literally wont let me. I am leading all of the lessons now which is really weird and doing almost all the contacts. He is just not a talker like Elder M. and just gives me a look that I know I need to talk. I am surprised because I would expect really old missionaries to want to do everything in the way they have found to be the most effective. But, he lets me talk all that I want and when I leave him time he only says just a little. I can say for sure that my Portuguese is improving much faster though. 

I was really having a rough time getting used to him this week. I think that he has had lots of really rude companions that just kinda bullied him. He is really a small guy and doesn't have an overpowering personality. We finally resolved a big problem the other day. When he corrects me his voice changes and I feel like he is really mad, he was correcting me from using ´i´ instead of ´we´. I was really feeling kinda down because I felt like i could not make him happy and I didn't want to teach with these feelings going around. But, he told me that his voice just does that and that he was not mad. so, I resolved to stop saying i and he is going to be more patient with me. I just hope we don't have any more rough arguments on the street. 

We kinda had to start from scratch this week with investigators. Not very many passed over from the last transfer. We spent hours on the streets knocking doors and I am probably a new shade of brown. I have started learning the importance of marking appointments with all of you potentials instead of just waiting for the telephone. Good thing it only took a week to correct this. We have lots of marked appointments for next week. I also was forgetting to confirm lunch and we missed a couple this week. But we still ate. But man, I am really feeling like Senior Companion. Maybe he will start to take over as the weeks pass but i dont really know. The Zone Leaders in my house like to tell me that president is preparing me to be senior for real next transfer but I don't exactly want all of the responsibilities for real. If things go really wrong I can still look to my companion for protection. Plus, no way do I want to do a baptismal interview quite yet. 

I have really adapted my contacts to include evaluating the persons potential this week. We ask about church, about family, religious history and even drop the baptismal commitment every once in a while. Thats how you find if someone is really interested. Tons of people will accept a visit but not as many will really progress. The baptism question is a pretty good way to tell the difference. 

Well, I have lots of pictures. I hope you enjoy them all. 

Elder Jacobson (Andrew)

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