Vitora, Brazil

Vitora, Brazil

Friday, October 11, 2013

3. When I'm I going to turn Brazilian? :)

Dear Family and Friends,

I had another amazing week. Portuguese is still coming along nice and steady. I'm just trying to learn new words and correct my pronunciation all the time. I just don't know where to start talking to you about. 
I did get to see conference. It was awesome. I sat next to the president the entire time so I stayed wide awake. Me and my companion had the only seats that you had lots of leg room. I learned lots. Its kind of funny listening to talks in this new perspective. Some talks are aimed directly at Missionaries, but some have nothing to do with us. It was great to hear the prophet and apostles in English too. That was quite a blessing. It was also probably the most relaxing weekend we are going to have the entire time here. Basically if we weren't in conference,  we had personal time/study. I enjoyed every minute.

On Monday, we had our first day with 2 investigators. The first lesson was amazing and we taught this guy about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The second one was weird. It was our first time with this investigator so we spent about 15 minutes just talking, but as soon as we started the lesson, she said that she had to go. Apparently, the guys before us took too long. Fortunately, we haven't had two lessons everyday this week. Every time we plan on two lessons, the investigator ( our teacher ) was either sick or in training classes. So, we did about one every day again.

As, a companionship goal we stopped writing our scripts for the lesson and just write points that we want to cover. Our last lesson was much slower, but if felt good afterwards to know that we had been like fighting with Portuguese and come out victorious. I am surprised with how much I am learning about just giving a lesson and making it more acceptable to the investigator. We learned a process the other day on how to give a commitment for example. Instead of just asking the investigator to read the book of Mormon or start following a new law, we begin by explaining the law, then testifying about it, promising blessings, and then extending the commitment. It really makes investigators understand why this law is necessary and totally worth it.

My companion and I are still doing great together. He is really a hard worker and is constantly pushing our limits. This Wednesday, I went all day without any English. It was such a challenge and so cool afterwards. Even though I didn't feel like I had tremendously learned a whole lot, I became allot more comfortable speaking in Portuguese. My goal is to go tomorrow and Sunday without English! It is so awesome to watch as our whole district learns so fast. We completed a district goal to only speak Portuguese while in our classroom. We almost made it the whole day but by the time it came to planning time we were so exhausted that we all just broke down together. I mean, we had been in there over 9 hours already.

Did you guys get the information about Missionary Ties? I think it is a great idea. IDK what their prices are but I got a free cookie out of it. Walking the streets was pretty fun last Friday too. I bought hangers and some body wash for the other Elder Jacobson. There was actually someone that spoke English in that store who helped us find things. It was really funny that some things were really cheap and other were the same as the US. Ties are like $4, and soccer jerseys are like $10. But, the hangers and body wash were the same price. It was funny to see how many street vender's were there just for the missionaries. There was even a sign with a drawing of two missionaries written in English pointing to a souvenir shop.

Well, I miss you all plenty. I hope everything is going well with Daniel, Aubrey, and Brealynn.  I hope the ward is doing fine too.

As for me, I am having a blast even though I am constantly tired. I have a roommate that has trouble sleeping and keeps a light on and another one that just loves to sing his heart out every night. Oh, and someone's alarm always goes off 30 min. early every morning. The meals are still amazing, a little repetitive but always good. I have gained about 5 pounds now. But, my pants still fit.

It was great to hear from you guys. I hope to hear from you all again next week. If I can find postage, Ill send a letter.

Elder Jacobson (Andrew)

PS - I also forgot to say that my new hobby is to go the the laundry room  and read my scriptures really loud in portuguese. I think it is really helping my pronunciation. Anyhoo, Love you again

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