Vitora, Brazil

Vitora, Brazil

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Second Area, What a Blessing

Dear Family,

So, now I am serving in Andrê Carloni, Serra. We have 4 missionaries that live in our house and go to this ward. The house is in our area and the area is tiny compared to my last area. 3 neighborhoods instead of 7. We have over 120 active members and everybody helps. We get stopped in the street my members that just want to give us a reference or lead us to someones house or buy for for us. I will have to be careful about my weight here. So far so good, but as we get to know the members and if I stay here more that 1 or 2 transfers it will be hard to walk even close to members houses. 

I got a new companion too. But, it is a strange situation. His name is Elder Capelletti. Abviously brazilian. He has one year and 6 months on the mission but I am the Senior Companion. My goal is really just to be friends. He is a great teacher and is great with people. But this also means that we spend a little to much time with members and in lessons. But, we also made a goal to use more members in our work. This week 80 percent of the lessons were with members. We dont really have many opportunties to just knock doors so I am suprisingly not really tired. But, I am just really glad that we are becoming good friends and I hope that over time I can express my desire to work more without being annoying. 

But, I cant say enough about the members. It is like a super strong american ward that has all of its energy in missionary work. The bishop is great and our mission leader is very helpful. But, I think the hardest thing about a mission might be getting to know an area. We had to spend our first day almost doing nothing but figuring out our areas. Finally a member walked us through some important areas and neighborhoods. 

I hear that this area is actually very dangerous. We have basically two areas. One richer but has more unorganized crime and one poorer that has a very organized drug system. Fortunately, the missionaries are very respected because of the time we have in this area. It is funny that so many criminals because of their faith really respect servants of the Lord. But, regardless we are really working to get home at 9 and avoiding all of the more dangerous areas even if it involves walking extra. 

But, we are kinda rushed for time today so I will stop there. I said all that I really wanted too. I am just so grateful to be hear on the mission. During a lesson yesterday the spirit was so strong that the investigators were talking about baptism before the commitment. This investigator when to church and just felt so good, (Especially when I sat next to him and asked if we would pass by his house for a visit). I know that this is a work by the spirit not my our words. I am just really trying to use the spirit more and more. 

Love you all and thanks for the support. 

Elder Jacobson

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