Vitora, Brazil

Vitora, Brazil

Sunday, January 24, 2016

28 Days - 27 July 2015

Dear Family, 

What did you think about that trunkiness? Wow we worked so much this week and we wont even stop today. Because we have a 3o´clock visit on a pday. Like, who does that right?

Well, the week went great. We spent our whole week dividing with other duplas and helping them with their investigators. I liked to see the other missionaries and the hard work they are putting in to the mission. Still, almost no one knows that I am going home this transfer so they expect me to work normally and in response I keep working normally. I wish I had been bolder at the beginning of the mission. 

Then on Friday we were back in our area and we decided to compete with the zone to see who could mark more dates. We lost by one and now we have to pay for the next acai at the next division. 

Then when Sunday rolled around we were able to get two investigators at church and we had a funny, not funny experience. Our elect investigator decided to go to a party Saturday night and woke up on Sunday so repentant but incapable of going to church. Hopefully she remembers that feeling and decides to stay away from those type of things in the future. 

But, this pday we got the whole zone up at 4 in the morning to climb a nearby mountain and see the sunrise. I am exhausted right now but we have some beautiful pictures and a wonderful experience. 

I also gave a talk on Sunday and it was the first time that I took to long. The bishop gave me that little reminder in front of everyone. how embarrassing. I think it is because I was getting used to the 15 min talks back in my last ward and I kind of forgot that the first speaker in a bigger ward is supposed to have only 7. But, In the end I learned and I was grateful to sit down. 

I hope everyone has a marvelous day. 
I feel your prayers and love for me as I'm sure my twin and big sis are feeling too. 
Elder Jacobson (Andrew)

I felt like Spiderman for  a moment

it was a blast

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