Vitora, Brazil

Vitora, Brazil

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

11.Finished the first Transfer

Dear Family and Friends, So, we finished the first Transfer. My house got a good laugh at my 14 remaining transfers. It already seems to be going kinda fast. Especially when you count in transfers and not months. But, I am living with someone with 4 transfers left, another with 5, and another with 7. so 14 is pretty darn big. almost as much as they all have left combined. But, my health is great, I actually enjoy the exercise from walking, we are teaching tons of people, and all we need are baptisms and from an outward perspective everything would be going perfect. But most importantly I am getting better at listening to the spirit. During the lessons I really focus on listening instead of stressing about when my companion is going to pass the baton or the ball. I have really noticed that when I really focus, I receive genuine things to say and testify that could only come by the spirit. We were teaching a very dedicated christian this week and she raised a question about why we need the Book of Mormon, why it is special, and that it shouldn't diminish the influence of the Bible. My companion shared a scripture from the Old Testament about the 2 sticks and we testified that the Book of Mormon sets us apart from all other Christians. My mind told me to share the scripture about the other sheep that Christ was going to visit. But, I suddenly felt a desire to praise her questioning of these foreign things. We both noticed a softening of her face and potentially heart to the message that we were sharing. As much as I stress about the words that I don't know and the grammar that i will mess up. I know the spirit is the teacher and not the missionary. So, we have also been really working on getting people to exercise that last bit of faith and be baptized. We are holding on to like 4 really good investigators right know that know these things are true but don't feel prepared. As long as we don't cut them i am happy but time is a scary thought and anything can happen. If any return missionary want to share the best techniques/ scriptures to invite the spirit, I would love some more tools to use the rest of my mission. CONGRATULATIONS DANIEL. I'm so happy for you. what an opportunity. Really take that spiritual preparation seriously. I know I regret not doing all of it with all my heart. You can really prepare yourself to grow spiritually by putting in the effort physically. I'm just so glad that you are going to get that chance. Maybe you guys will build and tear down the stage faster than us. Better start pumping that iron you have in your lonely room. I get another 2 years with a companion always at my side. Concerning our skype call. I have been told that I need you guys to make me a skype account and get it all kinda set up before hand and the just send me the username and password by next week. I hear the calls last several hours but I don't really know the exact rule. I will be availability to call from 2- 2:30 until 5:30-6. We have lunch with a member and then are going to skype at a different members house. I really don't know how long lunch is going to drag on but it is Christmas. But our only priority on that day is to call home. So, yup, just make an account and mark that time on the calender. Oh, I am assuming Bryan will be skyping at the same time so that might make it a bit harder. but, i would love to talk to him too. So, it rained again this week and I sent an awesome picture. Our investigators house is to our left and we tromped through the flooded river for 4 blocks. all worth it though Love,
Elder Jacobson (Andrew)

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