Vitora, Brazil

Vitora, Brazil

Monday, December 2, 2013

8. Week of Rain

Dear Family and Friends,

First, I just want to tell you not to judge our numbers if you see them. remember this is a work of souls not goals. haha that rhymed. we got poured on Monday, Tuesday, Saturday, and Sunday.
I am downloading a picture of our street right now. this was just an example of a good area. The roads with dirt were much worse. we tromped through puddles all day and soaked the floors of everyone's house but they don't really mind. We have a mission goal of 35 addresses each week but we only got 11 because no one likes to talk in the rain and we really tried to talk to some people. 

My companion also reached the one year mark and we had a small party with an investigator and recent convert. we had an amazing pineapple chocolate cake (surprisingly great combination). 

 By the way the ugly tie you guys keep seeing me wear is called the posterity tie. It gets passed down from trainer to Greenie all along the mission. Mine only goes back like 4 generation but we have another one that has over 10. super cool but they are really ugly. not as bad as mine from home though. 

And best of all, my first baptism. She is 85 year old and has trouble hearing but she loves the church and gave up coffee to be baptized. I am wearing the jump suit because we asked the brother in the picture to do the baptism but then last minute he didn't feel like doing it because he had only seen like 3 baptisms in his life. I was sad at first but I enjoyed the opportunity. 

Hopefully, there will me many more to come.

We are going to have a mission Christmas party the 17 and I should get the package then. I'm so excited. 

Well, I love hearing from everyone. I hope thanksgiving was awesome there just like here. We are planning an awesome week and a strong finish to our first transfer. 

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