Vitora, Brazil

Vitora, Brazil

Monday, September 23, 2013

I used to have a week left. Now, my mission has started and I have been turning my mound of supplies into several organized stacks. But I wanted to recap the last couple days of preparation. I had a wonderful time at the temple on Tuesday with my Mom, Dad, and Bryan. We did sealings for several of our ancestors. I love the sacred spiritual feeling that comes from any temple visit. Further in the week, Grandma and Grandpa came to visit before Bryan and I left. We toured San Antonio's river walk and visited a mirror maze. I had such a blast with my brothers playing tag in the maze and racing through the mission impossible laser challenge. High score of 5 seconds when we threw a shoe and .8 seconds when we used two people.Texas de Brazil gave us a high quality taste of Brazilian food. Although, I will probably not get anything that good on my mission. I will always keep my card on the green side to continue getting more cuts. Yummy, filet with bacon. We gave talks again on Sunday. Bryan-What A Boss. He gave a talk without a script to test his faith in the spirit. What an awesome first companion!
    I am still at home but this is my first preparation day and I was instructed to write a letter to my family. I love you all and will be missing you soon. I know my letters will get longer and longer as I get more homesick. I hope Daniel enjoys the empty room and Aubrey enjoys less bugging. And Mom and Dad will save on electricity and food. I can't wait to tell you stories of the MTC. 

Elder Jacobson (Andrew)

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